The International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA) is a non-profit organization that promotes education regarding the history of the Scouting Movement through the collecting and trading of Scouting Memorabilia. All members subscribe to our Code of Ethics to ensure fair trading amongst its members.

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 OA and CSP Checklists
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ISCA News - An Update

The CSI Catalog (with both Red & White's and CSP's) is getting close to release - we're doing the formatting of the data and once we understand our costs, it will be released. We're also trying to figure out how to offer an on-line version . . . more later. Also, the OA Insignia Guide (OAIG), formerally called Blue Book is in beta testing. We're testing out the new rules and the website with several volunteer editors. Once the beta test is completed and we've implemented changes, we'll be releasing it to the Regional Coordinators to work with Area and Lodge Editors to start making updates.

ISCA Patches -- 2017 NJ Collections Merit Badge Booth.

Now available for Pre-Order sales our new ISCA Patches to support our efforts at the 2017 National Jamboree Merit Badge Booth. Pre-Order sales ends April 15th.

NEW All - In - One Financial Support Package Unveiled

The ISCA Board of Directors is rolling out a new way for members to financially support the work of ISCA. With one gift, the new program provides the donor two or more of the following possibilities:

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ISCA Standards Committee Blue Book proposals

After a lot of work by the ISCA Blue Book (OA Insignia) Standards Committee, we are finally ready to get everyone's input to finalize changes in the OA Cataloging system. As soon as we get your input, Lodge Editors will then be able to move forward with cataloging all of the issues released over the last ten years (and make changes to earlier "mistakes" as well). So, please review all of the information, make comments in the blog pages for each item as appropriate and then log your vote.

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NOAC 2015 Checklists available

Proving to be the most prolific National O.A. Conference ever, Gary Hnydowitz and others have assembled an ever expanding list of this years NOAC collectables.

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ISCA Standard OA Insignia (and Memorabilia) Catalog

The OA Insignia Catalog, also referred to as 'Blue Book 2.0' is now administered by the hobby for the hobby. ISCA (through the use of a committee structure) is responsible for revising current standards and establishing new ones where needed, providing editors to update and confirm lodge listings and provide for an appeals committee where there are disagreements. To access the OA Insignia section of this website, select the following button:

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ISCA Through pictures

Brian Ives and others have assembled a nice collection of images of ISCA's involvement in the hobby!

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NEW Non-Members free Sample

Free Journal Sample September 2013

A taste of ISCA. Features include 2013 National Jamboree wrap up and more...

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2014 CSI Collecting Guidebook availablity

A new 2014 edition of the CSI (Council Shoulder Insignia) Guidebook is now available for purchase.

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ISCA Policy Regarding Unauthorized Patches

During a conference call board meeting held Sunday, April 14th, 2013, the ISCA Board of Directors adopted the following revised policy in regards member's manufacturing/distributing Unauthorized Patches. The policy takes effect immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

ISCA Regional Coordinators

Regional coordinators are responsible for coordinating all ISCA related activities and promotions within their respective BSA territorial regions.They will establish and maintain a network of area coordinators to promote the hobby at the local level. They are first line contacts for members in their respective regions.

Contact your Regional Coordinators to volunteer and learn more.

    Todd Rogers trogers17@gmail.com
    Jon Hall camper481@aol.com
    Bruce Paulson cricketbpp@comcast.net
    Rick Bedsworth kwtrdr@gmail.com

ISCA Roots Trace Back Almost a Half Century

The International Scouting Collectors Association was formed in 2001, when the American Scouting Traders Association (ASTA) and the National Scouting Collectors Society (NSCS) merged to better serve the collecting community. The previous organization were RECOGNIZED WORLDWIDE as leading Scouting memorabilia organizations, devoted to the preservation of the hobby. ISCA will surely follow in their footsteps. ISCA is a not-for-profit corporation with members from all fifty states and from many other Scouting countries. ISCA is operated by volunteer Scouters well experienced in collecting and trading Scouting memorabilia. Our primary purpose is to educate the membership and others regarding Scouting memorabilia and promotion of the ISCA Ethics.

"The ISCA Journal"

The "ISCA Journal", ISCA's quarterly publication featuring ISCA functions, Trade-O-Ree information, history of Scouting memorabilia, news of new patches issued, reports on TOR's, Letters to the Editor and lots more.

Trading By Mail

Expanding Your Trading Opportunities:  Members can access a complete roster of current members giving their name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and their collecting and trading interests. There is also a 1 for 1 trading section in each ISCA Journal.


ISCA co-sponsors Trade-O-Rees around the country. These Trade-O-Rees provide an opportunity for the membership to gather for fellowship, education, displaying of collections and trading face to face. Meeting your mail trading friend can be an exciting experience. TOR's are listed in the ISCA Journal and on this website.

National Event Participation

ISCA takes a leading part in holding seminars, furnishing displays and providing information to new collectors and traders. These are done at Section Conclaves, National Order of the Arrow Conferences (NOAC) and other opportunities.

You Are Represented

ISCA has four Regional Vice Presidents in the USA. They coordinate activities through the Area Vice Presidents in the many states within their regions. Regional Vice Presidents are members of the ISCA Executive Board. Area Vice Presidents who are appointed by the Regional Chairs see that ISCA Trade-O-Rees are held in their area, seek new memberships, and keep us informed of hobby news and happenings in their area with reports published in the ISCA Journal or by furnishing information to our Column Editors. In addition, you are also represented by ELECTED national officers and an ELECTED Board of Directors.

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